Gianni’s Pizza in Mannheim, Germany

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that we love Gianni’s Pizza in our neighborhood.  Time and time again, we enjoy their fare, and last night it was the Moshulu Park pizza – broccoli, ricotta, just so good. My designer colleague Gertrud in Mannheim, Germany, also enjoys Gianni’s Pizza every week! 

Gianni’s Pizza, Part 2

Lonnie has already written here about how much we liked Gianni’s Pizza.   Naturally, we had to go back.  This time, while doing a bunch of holiday prep, we wanted to treat ourselves.  I ordered their Moshulu Park Pizza, which is broccoli, garlic, and ricotta.

NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza

Our neighbors, Pete and Barb M., just turned us on to NY Gianni’s Bronx Style Pizza – we’ll call it Gianni’s Pizza from here on in – and boy are we ever glad they did. Y’all will recall how miserably Cosmo’s failed the Lonnie’s-hot-fast-pizza test. So I figured, to be fair, I’d have to run [Read More…]

Michael Angelo’s – Riggies in Eastwood

Michael Angelo’s recently opened on James St. in Eastwood between Sacred Melody Plaza and Wegman’s.  This location has been the site of many restaurants, almost qualifying as a restaurant graveyard.  I did my share of whining when the Melt Shop closed, whose service and simple fare I enjoyed and rooted for.  But by now it’s [Read More…]

Great Wings in Eastwood: OIP

Many people have already discovered that OIP pizza is very good.  But their wings are exceptional.  We enjoy regular Buffalo wings, but they’re everywhere now.  OIP’s char-grilled wings are a very nice alternative, and they are what we prefer nowadays.   Getting twelve for dinner has become a frequent meal for us, and it’s right over [Read More…]

Friends & Family Pizza

As I was out gardening , a friendly fellow came by and told me about a new pizza take-out on the far west side of Eastwood. I asked him, “Another pizza take-out? Why??” His response, “Because this one is different.” He seemed genuinely impressed with the ingredients that were going into the hand-tossed pizzas at [Read More…]

Mario and Salvo’s

Mario & Salvo’s Pizza: 4326 East Genesee St, Syracuse, (315) 446-8479 Actually more of a takeout than a restaurant, though you can eat there.  We like the pizza with eggplant!


Dante’s: 215 Walton St, Syracuse, (315) 479-9383 Decidedly upscale, Dante’s has possibly the most underappreciated chef in Syracuse. This guy is brilliant and it shows in his cooking. Half the menu is Italian, and you should try it. But there’s Italian, great and not-so-great, in every corner of Onondaga County. At Dante’s, don’t miss the [Read More…]


Santangelo’s: 673 Old Liverpool Rd, Liverpool, (315) 457-4447 A long-time favorite, well worth the slight drive out of the city. Everything is done right here: nice atmosphere, friendly wait staff, food that is consistently really delicious and at times creative. Between the two of us, we’ve eaten here dozens of times and have never once [Read More…]


Gentile’s: 305 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, (315) 474-8258 With due respect to the other very good Italian restaurants in town, this is our favorite.  Very creative menu by the outstanding Kevin Gentile.  This can be tricky in a town where the age-old favorites are demanded by many.  Very friendly service, and a lovely, romantic atmosphere.

Francesca’s Cucina

Francesca’s Cucina: 545 N Salina St, Syracuse, (315) 425-1556 Good food, nice atmosphere.  However, in the summer, when dining al fresco in the back, we were put off by the loud jazz band, which rendered conversation difficult.