Bittersweet Wine Bar & Desserts in Syracuse – Go There!

Lonnie and I wanted to go out on the town last night, and she had the great idea of going to Bittersweet.  We decided to get a little dressed up for the occasion, as recent days of sweltering heat had enforced many days of sweaty casual attire.

I was immediately impressed by the decor upon arrival.  It’s a very stylish, modern room that wouldn’t be out of place in a larger city.  In fact, it brought to mind a place we had visited off Newbury Street in Boston.

The lighting was very tastefully done, conveying a romantic, classy atmosphere.  I make a point of mentioning this, because many Syracuse restaurants somehow didn’t get the lighting memo.  I’m not sure if this is simply obliviousness or cheapness.  While quality lighting is an expense, it can dramatically improve the atmosphere of a restaurant, usually without breaking the bank, and is more normal in bigger cities.

There were plenty of other patrons there, always a good sign.  Conversation made a gentle hubbub in the room, with retro music discreetly playing.  This is also worth noting – though it doesn’t happen often enough, it is possible to have tunes that are recognizable, yet not loud enough to eliminate conversation.  Our bartender, Liz, was absolutely delightful, as were other staff members.

We were out for a drink and dessert.  Both of us opted for tawny port, and the one they feature was really top-notch.  I had their Caramel Brownie Cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious, with a gorgeous smooth texture.  As Lonnie will tell you, I tend to eat pretty quickly, but something this nice can slow me down enough to savor every morsel.  Lonnie loved her Creme Brulee, which featured a wafer-thin crust, done just right.

Though I mentioned posh Newbury Street, don’t let that scare you off.  Despite the upscale vibe, the prices are reasonable.  We noted the savory selections on the menu, and will probably be back for lunch soon.

All in all, we were very impressed.  Check them out!  They are located very close to the center of downtown Syracuse at 121 W. Fayette Street.  Here are details on their location.


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