Moser’s Mapleridge Farm

We love Grade B maple syrup (soon to be officially called “extra dark amber”). It’s got a stronger maple flavor and is higher in mineral and nutritional content than Grade A. What’s not to like about that? Grade B is produced basically during the last week of maple season in the early spring. It’s not [Read More…]

Lots of raw milk in Central New York

We started drinking raw milk over a year ago and just love its taste, especially when turned into homemade yogurt. It’s good for so many things aside from deliciousness, most especially gut health. You know the gut is connected to the brain and Lord knows our brains need all the help they can get! So [Read More…]

Ramps glorious ramps

Apparently ramps are all the rage but fortunately not too many Central New Yorkers know this, as they’ve been plentiful in the place where we harvest them. Friends ours even reported seeing a fellow mowing them somewhere near the Erie Canal. They were alerted to this fact by the unmistakable smell of onions. What’s really [Read More…]

Naturally colored Easter eggs

Did I ever happen to mention that I love my farmer? Everyone should have their very own farmer to love. Mine is Della, of Happy Hooves Farm, and she brings into our area the most wonderful beef, pork, sausages, roasts, chickens of all types and eggs. Beautiful, fresh eggs laid by happy, free-range chickens. (Or [Read More…]

SnagMobile: Introducing a Local Food/Tech Startup

Tech and Food Services Hello food lovers everywhere!  Now most of you are expecting to read a post on a restaurant, cafe, or food item located in the Syracuse area.  This post is slightly different than a typically Chus on Chow entry, but I hope you find my message intriguing and tasteful.  My name is [Read More…]

Brother Bob’s Split Pea Soup

Pardon me while I embarrass the heck out of my tall, slender, attractive, brilliant, affable brother-in-law who can also cook really well. We went to Buffalo to visit him this past weekend and were treated to a pea soup so incredibly delicious on a cold January night (is there any other kind in Buffalo?) I just [Read More…]

Gordon Biersch

Yesterday was my birthday, and in a moment of brilliance I went online to seek out a free birthday dinner. Sure enough, amidst all the free desserts, Gordon Biersch was offering a free dinner. So I signed up to get emails and a free appetizer and God only knows what else, but the email containing [Read More…]

Act now: contact California friends

“We’re talking about the provenance of food…,” said Alice Waters in this NY Times column. We’re talking about knowing where your food comes from, what’s in it and how it’s been altered from its natural state. While countries around the world, including China and Saudi Arabia, have bans or restrictions on GMO foods, only now [Read More…]

Tasting organic milk

Dave and I just did a little taste test on three brands of whole organic milk. All three can be bought at the Price Chopper on Erie Blvd.  Dave didn’t know which brand he was tasting, and although I did, I formed my opinion about each one before he said anything. As it turns out, [Read More…]

¡Olé Papá Gallo!

It’s been awhile since we last ate at Papá Gallo in Fayetteville, and now I’m sorry we waited so long. We just took Dave’s folks to lunch there and came away very happy that we did. Share